When To Buy Second Hand And When To Avoid It?

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Shopping for a new car can be quite a time-consuming task. After all, there are a lot of viable choices, from the brand new and used vehicle camps, to make your head spin for days. The fact that you opting for brand new vehicles gives you a different set of benefits as opposed to buying second hand further complicates the matter.

At the end of the day: which one is the better choice, brand new or used? Buying used means you can save a lot of money when getting a car for yourself. This single reason is enough for most people with tight budgets to only consider used vehicles: after all, vehicles are depreciable assets which continuously lose their value over time. Going used means that you won’t have to suffer as much from depreciation, as you have bought a vehicle that has already reached a certain value. Even though this can plummet further, it is probably not as significant as the loss of value it has already experienced.

By looking at the price alone, it is easy to suggest going for a slightly used vehicle rather than wasting money on a new model that is going to depreciate at a crazy rate during the first year of ownership. As much as this seems like the most sensible idea, there are also instances where you are better off avoiding used cars for sale.

Let’s discuss some examples for both cases in the following paragraphs:

The used cars Canberra to buy are perhaps those popular models that have sold millions. The reason for this is that you will find them aplenty, with one or more examples available at almost every used car lot nearby your area. You will also not need to worry about replacement parts, as it is quite likely that they are still produced by third-party suppliers. For the rare parts, you can opt to visit a junkyard to see whether you can find a replacement. Finally, should you consider reselling your vehicle at a later date, you will get plenty of offers from other people, making it easier to switch to a newer vehicle when the time comes.

When should you avoid buying used? Going for second-hand vehicles is not worth it for rare examples, like luxury sedans and some sports cars that are more than ten years old, unless you know what you are getting into. People are easily fooled by the extremely low price tags of such vehicles, thinking that they are getting a good deal. Nevertheless, keep in mind that running costs of such vehicles are nowhere near those of regular cars. Even if you get your hands on a great example, you never know when some funky electronic niggles or failed part will set you back an amount of money equal or greater than what you paid for the car itself. You will also find it difficult to secure replacements if you don’t have a lot of contacts or knowledge of a few places worth checking out.