How To Choose A Better Marine Stereo

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It is always quite challenging to choose and install a suitable stereo system in a boat. A person has to deal with two prominent problems while choosing a marine stereo; one is the wet condition which might damage the stereo or its connection and second is the sound quality and performance. Most of the marine stereos are designed to be water resistant along with they possess the shock protection which can withstand the pounding and rocking of the bat’s movement. Here are some tips which will help in picking up the right marine stereo for your boat. 

Stay Away From Products Which Proclaims ‘Marinized’

Automotive stereo systems are not designed on the same standards of the marine stereos. Hence the products which claims ‘marinized’ are in reality the automotive systems possessing a spray-coated circuit board. But given the wet conditions and environment of the river and sea these so called ‘marinized’ stereo sets will not last much longer.

Mount the Stereo Units below Deck

The marine audio systems can either be placed in the dashboard area or in the cabin area of the boat. The marine stereos are designed only to be mounted horizontally, not vertically as the vertical position removes the shock protection feature. Another attribute of marine stereo is that they are designed to maintain the CD up to an angle of 30 degrees. The idle mounting angle will be 20 degrees which will allow you another 10 degrees for boat movement. Furthermore, you should also add waterproof protection to the remote; this will prolong the life of the audio unit to a great extent. This article will give you more details regarding marine audio in Perth.

Check out The IPX Rating and Go by MP3 Only

The moist marine environment is a nuisance for the electronic equipment. The stereo mounted below deck will not be spared from the moistness. The IPX rating of the stereos shows the ability of its performance against the pressurized water. The rating should be at least 6 or 7 will be the apt choice for the marine stereo. On the other hand the radio coverage in the waters are quite clumsy and spotty, hence go for the mp3 CDs which will give a wide choice of songs at high quality.

Install a Sub-Woofer

Boat environment doesn’t deliver acoustic sound quality literally all the time. The deck, wind sound also hampers the sound delivered by the marine audio systems. The best solution will be to buy a sub-woofer along with the stereo. The reproduction of sound and music quality will be up to the mark and it will be a huge difference how sound will be retained part from just using the stereo. On the other hand you can find the best marine audio in Alpine car audio store which will give you an affordable price for your budget.