Five Signs Your Car Is Begging For A Professional Service Visit

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We love our cars and we love the freedom they give to us. But just like any other heavy use item, they need to receive some professional attention in order to stay in good shape all the time. And when this can make the difference between life and death, you should be looking for the signs your car needs a visit to the service. 

Mileage and service visits

Your Kia service professionals will inform you on the required service visits at fixed mileage. There are major services at 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 miles, as well as smaller services at 15,000 miles. Depending on how you use the car and which type of car it is, you might need to visit the service even more frequent.

Oiling the car

Every 3,000-5,000 miles your car needs an oil change, which can be done by you, yet it is highly advisable to be done in a Kia service in Perth. The reason for this is many cars require additional filter changing along with oiling, which can’t be done at home.
These two were regular checkups at the service, but your car can give you more visible signs it needs an appointment. If you notice any of the following signs, go ahead and talk to your car’s mechanic.


Just like a small leak in a water pipe requires help from the plumber, a small leak in your car requires help from the service. When there is a pool of leaking fluid underneath your car your other devices might suffer, as they require oil and other fluids to function properly. Delaying the service visit might result in jeopardising your car’s function.

Strange noise and smell

When your car starts smelling funny, it may suffer a gas leak, which is very dangerous. Another sign is the maple syrup smell, which is usually linked to cooling system faults. Shaking or defective side pulling are other signs of severe problems, which can put your life in danger: driving a car which doesn’t steer properly might lead to accidents.

Tyres and smog

The last two things you have to check frequently are the tyres and the emissions. Smog can prevent you from re-registering the car, so make sure your emissions are up to date. Poor thread depth is another concern: when tyres worn out they become frail and hard to handle, so you have to change them as quick as possible.

Never neglect your car and make sure you pay all the required visits to the service, as this can prevent an emergency break down.